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You know what? If I knew then what I know now, my 30th birthday would’ve looked a lot different. Or at least a lot more exciting. You see, I stayed home because I thought I had just turned old.

HA! Not even close. But again, hindsight.

If you’ve got a special daughter, sister, girlfriend, or wife prepping for this milestone birthday, you’ll want to get her the perfect gift to match the occasion. After all, it ain’t just any ‘old’ birthday. That’s why the gift wizards here at L&L have come up with some amazing 30th birthday gift ideas for her!

Whether you’re looking for funny gifts, creative gifts, or a special keepsake to commemorate the occasion, we want to help you pick out the best 30th birthday present EVAH. Let’s dig in, shall we?

1. Monogrammed Leather Handbag

by Madewell

A roomy tote bag is essential for, well, every woman. This one is the definition of timeless, just like her. Made from supple vegetable-tanned leather, this bag features a perfect 8-inch strap and an inside zipper pocket for items you want to stay put.

It comes in black, saddle-tan, or black with a tan strap. Have her initials monogrammed on it for extra personality. So. Classy.

2. Pressed Birth Month Flower Necklace

by LisaAngelLtd

We saw this necklace and immediately thought it would be a perfect 30th birthday gift for your favorite daughter! (Not that you play favorites. Of course not.)

Like a birthstone, each month has its own special birth month flower. They’re all beautiful of course, but when pressed into a pendant, it makes a truly special gift just for her. So delicate and feminine, no matter where she wears it, the compliments will follow!

3. Birthstone Earrings

by Stone & Strand

Simple and meaningful, solitaire birthstone earrings will always be a thoughtful gift. These beauties are all earth-mined and ethically-sourced with 14K solid gold studs.

They’re so versatile she can wear them on their own for a professional office look, or pair them with other earrings when it’s time to don her favorite pair of jeans (or dress!) and head out with friends.

4. Personalized Birthstone Bracelet


With its elegant design, this pretty bracelet will stand out almost as much as she does! It comes in silver, gold, or rose gold finish to suit her style. Choose her birthstone, then personalize the disc with her initial for a gift she’ll wear all the time.

5. Birthdate Candle

by Birthdate

This would make a great 30th birthday idea for a coworker or friend. Or, now that we think about it, any lovely lady you know who’s turning 30 that likes fancy candles.

This company has combined astrology, numerology, and tarot to create 365 beautiful and unique candles — one for every birthdate, each with a fragrance carefully designed to lift her spirit.

6. Zodiac Horoscope Blanket

by FrankiePrintCo

These celestial horoscope blankets aren’t just gorgeous, they’re also super snuggly thanks to being handmade with 100% cotton. Her personal zodiac blanket would look beautiful draped casually over the back of the sofa or hung on a large wall as a tapestry for guests to admire. Honestly, though, it might not last long on the wall, it would woo her with the promise of coziness sooner or later.

7. Pretty Personalized Stationery

by Minted

If your birthday girl is the handwritten thank-you note type, a box of classy, personalized stationery is a great gift idea. Designed by an independent graphic artist, this monogrammed set of stationery is one-of-a-kind.

Choose the silhouette shape, paper stock, and color scheme you think represents her. These luxurious cards come in a keepsake gift box so she can store them away until it’s time to write thank you notes for all of those great birthday gifts!

8. Mesh Strap Watch

byTed Baker

With its simple sunray dial and mineral crystal face, this Ted Baker watch is demure enough to match whatever she wears during the day, but sexy and feminine enough to get noticed. And it looks so expensive! That’s probably in part because of its rose gold-plated mesh strap, which gives off luxurious vibes like nobody’s business.

She’ll want to wear it to the office during the day, then out on the town with someone special in the evening. It’s a truly versatile gift to celebrate her 30th.

9. Scratch-Off World Map Poster

by Luckies of London

15 Creative 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her - Love & Lavender (9)Pin

Whether she’s already a seasoned traveler or dreams about globe-trotting adventures, she’ll love this scratch-off world map poster. It’s a great way to track where she’s been and/or remind her that there’s still plenty of time to explore the planet

This poster features each continent, country, city, and landmarks on gold foil. She can scratch off the foil covering the destinations on the map she’s visited to reveal bright colors that commemorate her adventures.

Then she can use the remaining gold coverage to inspire her future travel plans!

10. Paradise Delivered Subscription Box

by Cratejoy

If the birthday girl can’t get out and travel right now (you know, due to a pandemic or the such), send her a care package that delivers the vacay to her. Each month, she’ll receive tropical vacation-inspired goodies like organic wellness products, jewelry, best-selling books for summer staycation reading, and lots more.

11. S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

by S'well

15 Creative 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her - Love & Lavender (11)Pin

Lovely, feminine shades of pastel floral adorn this practical water bottle. If you’ve ever owned a S’well bottle, you know they design their drinking vessels with quality and usefulness in mind. Her ice water will stay Arctic cold for up to 36 hours. If she prefers her traveling beverages warm, it’ll keep them piping hot for up to 18 hours.

Besides being pretty, its unique pattern and colors will ensure no one else from the gym mistakes it for their own!

12. Custom 30th Birthday Socks

by FabSwag

Select a color, send in a picture of the birthday girl, and this shop will create a pair of fantastic socks with her face on them! These cute socks aren’t for wearing on her 30th, they’ll come also come in handy for future birthdays when she still feels like she’s thirty, even if the calendar year says otherwise.

13. Fine Art Print

by Minted

We love to feature art designed and created by independent artists in our gift posts, which is why you’ll see Minted show up on many of our lists. Art is a great gift for any birthday, but if she’s turning thirty and just settling into her own little nest, a sophisticated fine art piece is the perfect “you have arrived” gift.

Choose from a wide array of designs based upon color, style, theme, and more to help zhoosh up her space. And since it’s a one-of-a-kind work of art, you can bet none of her friends will have the same print hanging in their pad too.

14. Birthday Flowers

by Bouqs

Love, love, love me some flowers, I gotta tell ya. Not everyone does, I know, but a bright and cheerful bouquet makes my day my week. It just might make your wife’s 30th birthday special too!

Browse the great selection of birthday flowers from Bouqs and have a bouquet delivered fresh to her home. What better way to commemorate her entry into a new decade of life!

15. Cameo Personalized Video

by Cameo

If you haven’t seen Cameo yet, prepare to be delighted (and maybe a bit bewildered). Does she have a favorite actor, athlete, musician, or comedian that she’d be totally starstruck to meet? Visit Cameo, look the celeb up, and hire them to create a personalized video just for her.

Prices range from $1 up to $2500 depending upon the celebrity, but the sheer options to choose from are dizzying! They even branch out from the usual suspects. Seriously, you’ll find everything from Santa to reality stars to tarot-card readers, too!

Hooray for 30!

If one of your favorite ladies is turning 30, celebrate like crazy! Saying adios to her twenties is no big deal. she’s now in the prime of her life. At least until she turns 40, then 50, then… you get the point. Every decade is a big deal, but there really is something special about 30.

Hopefully we’ve given you some great ideas for what to get your birthday girl on her 30th. Whatever you choose, choose something to make her feel as special as she is. Now to get 30 candles and plan her surprise birthday party.

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15 Creative 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her - Love & Lavender (16)Pin
15 Creative 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her - Love & Lavender (2024)


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