9 Unique Party Ideas for Galentine’s Day (2024)

9 Unique Party Ideas for Galentine’s Day (1)

Galentine’s Day is dedicated to all things friendship, serving as an annual opportunity to gather the gang together to show some love. There’s no rulebook for when or how to observe Galentine’s Day, though the unofficial holiday falls on February 13. Many opt for a glitzy dinner out or a cozy night in, with tasty cocktails and chocolatey treats usually on the menu. If you’re gathering with your galentines this year, we’ve rounded up nine unique party ideas to ensure a celebration filled with love.


“Board” Night

9 Unique Party Ideas for Galentine’s Day (2)

Elevate a potluck-style party by hosting a “board” night, where everyone can make a themed grazing board for the group to snack on. Go the traditional route with a styled charcuterie spread, or get creative with boards topped with things like desserts, junk food, fruits and vegetables, breakfast favorites, and so much more.


Color Party

9 Unique Party Ideas for Galentine’s Day (3)

Who says February should be limited to pink and red? Paint your Galentine's celebration in different hues by assigning each guest a specific color, instructing them to bring a food item following the theme. Purple can bring berry-flavored bites and cocktails, orange can bring mac and cheese and mimosas, red can bring charcuterie and wine, and once all your guests arrive, you’ll have a stunning (and delicious) rainbow spread.


Anti-Valentine’s Party

9 Unique Party Ideas for Galentine’s Day (4)

Valentine’s Day can be a sensitive subject for some, placing an unwanted spotlight on lonely hearts and unsavory exes. Gather your Galentines for an anti-love party this year, where you can enjoy all the same sips and sweets while simultaneously denouncing the traditional celebrations. Host this party funeral-style, with plenty of black decor and indulgent food to mourn the loss of love and celebrate the life of great friends.

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Wine Tasting

9 Unique Party Ideas for Galentine’s Day (5)

Who says you need to wander off to wine country to do a great tasting? Host your own this year by encouraging your Galentines to bring their favorite bottle. If you prefer to make it a competition, instruct everyone to bring two bottles of the same wine, then host a blind taste test where you all submit scores based on metrics like taste, smell, appearance, and body. Whoever brings the winning wine gets to take home everyone’s second bottle as a prize.


Private Cooking Class

9 Unique Party Ideas for Galentine’s Day (6)

Tap into your local community and hire a chef to lead an in-home cooking class. This provides both an activity and a meal for your Galentine’s Day celebration and is sure to provide memories and lessons that’ll last a lifetime. Bonus points if you’re able to secure matching aprons.


Book Swap

9 Unique Party Ideas for Galentine’s Day (7)

Whether your friend group is packed with bookworms or the squad has a reading resolution for 2024, host a Galentine’s Day party where each guest is instructed to bring their favorite book from a specific genre (romance is a great option for February). This can be the gift that keeps on giving, as you'll have a huge list of books to get to, and can pass around copies.

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Pajama Party

9 Unique Party Ideas for Galentine’s Day (8)

Who doesn’t love a PJ party?! Make this year’s Galentine’s Day celebration extra relaxing by instructing guests to arrive in their comfies, accompanied by a spread of breakfast favorites. A waffle bar, fresh fruit, coffee cake, and mimosas can be enjoyed all hours of the day, whether it's a Sunday brunch or a Friday night in.


Tea Party

9 Unique Party Ideas for Galentine’s Day (9)

Pinky’s out! Host an elegant soirée for Galentine’s Day, complete with frilly dresses, finger sandwiches, and cups of tea served in your finest china. We all love an excuse to dress up, and a tea party theme lets the group break out their floral dresses in the middle of February. After all, spring is right around the corner.


Spa Party

9 Unique Party Ideas for Galentine’s Day (10)

Treat the gang to an evening of relaxation with an at-home spa party, complete with face masks, nail painting and healthy snacks. For an even more immersive experience, round out the gathering with touches like juice shots, flavored water, and encouraging intention-setting to reset and recenter as winter comes to a close.

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Now, let's delve into the concepts used in the article about Galentine's Day party ideas.

  1. Galentine's Day: Galentine's Day is an unofficial holiday dedicated to celebrating friendship. It provides an opportunity for friends to come together and show love and appreciation for one another. It falls on February 13, the day before Valentine's Day.

  2. Potluck-style party: A potluck-style party is a gathering where each attendee brings a dish to share with others. It encourages a collaborative and diverse menu, with everyone contributing their favorite food item.

  3. Grazing board: A grazing board is a visually appealing spread of food items arranged on a board or platter. It can be traditional, like a charcuterie spread, or creative, with themed boards featuring desserts, junk food, fruits and vegetables, breakfast favorites, and more.

  4. Color party: A color party is a celebration where each guest is assigned a specific color, and they are instructed to bring a food item that matches that color. By doing so, the party creates a rainbow spread of different colored foods.

  5. Anti-Valentine's Party: An anti-Valentine's Party is a gathering that takes place on Valentine's Day and celebrates friendship while denouncing the traditional celebrations of romantic love. It can be themed as a funeral, with black decor and indulgent food, to symbolize mourning the loss of love and celebrating the life of great friends.

  6. Wine tasting: A wine tasting involves sampling different wines to appreciate their taste, smell, appearance, and body. It can be done by hosting a gathering where each attendee brings their favorite bottle, or by organizing a blind taste test competition with specific judging criteria.

  7. Private cooking class: A private cooking class involves hiring a chef to lead a cooking session in your own home. It provides both an activity and a meal for the celebration, allowing participants to learn new culinary skills and create lasting memories.

  8. Book swap: A book swap is a party where each guest brings their favorite book from a specific genre. It encourages the exchange of books among friends, providing a list of new reading options for everyone to enjoy.

  9. Spa party: A spa party is an evening of relaxation and self-care. It can include activities such as face masks, nail painting, and healthy snacks. The goal is to create a soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere, allowing participants to reset and recenter as winter comes to a close.

These concepts provide a range of unique and creative ideas for celebrating Galentine's Day with friends. Whether it's through food, drinks, activities, or themes, these party ideas ensure a memorable and love-filled celebration.

9 Unique Party Ideas for Galentine’s Day (2024)


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