90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (2024)

Looking for Taylor Swift party ideas? Plan your menu with one of these 90 Taylor Swift party food ideas, all inspired by the woman, the songs, and the lyrics! There’s something for everyone whether you’re planning a Taylor Swift Super Bowl party (while you watch the guy on the Chiefs), a Swiftie birthday party, or even just an Eras Tour movie night!

90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (1)

I’ve been wanting to write a post on Taylor Swift party ideas (with lots of Taylor Swift food ideas) ever since the Eras Tour was announced last year but never got around to it.

Well, with Taylor Swift (most likely) heading to the Super Bowl to watch her boyfriend Travis Kelce (go Chiefs!) this year and the number of posts I’ve already seen about Taylor Swift themed Super Bowl parties, I figured it was probably time!

I live in Kansas City and have been a Chiefs fan (and a Kelce family fan) for years! And I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift since her Teardrops on my Guitar days, have watched way too many Taylor Swift TikTok videos, and been to the Eras Tour, so I feel pretty qualified to write this post!

I’ve put together a huge list of Taylor Swift party food ideas along with links to recipes if I know of one that is actually good or would work for the recipe!

And yes, this post is full of Taylor Swift puns, play on words, and stretches. Take what you want and leave the rest of it – oh and if you have other ideas for Taylor Swift party food, leave me a note in the comments and I’ll add it to my list.

I’m just out here trying to do my best to help other Swifties enjoy every moment of what is likely going to be an amazing Super Bowl Sunday!


If you need something to do at your Taylor Swift party, grab the Taylor Swift game I shared in my New Year’s Eve trivia games last year!

Taylor Swift Charcuterie Boards

Okay, let’s start with my viral Taylor Swift charcuterie boards I shared on TikTok last year. There’s a board for every album except Folklore and Evermore are combined (I know)! You could totally do a whole table dedicated to the different eras using these as an inspiration!

Here are pictures of all of the boards – you can watch the original video on TikTok!

  1. Taylor Swift (Debut) – this one was just simple Nashville hot chicken with some homemade biscuits!
  2. Fearless – lots of whites, golds, and romantic looking type treats!
  3. Speak Now – all sorts of purple and maroon candies! I was at the Eras Tour concert the night Speak Now TV was released and will never forget the amazing purple audience!
  4. Red – this was probably the easiest board of them all – all sorts of red things! If you want to add some homemade items, these red velvet cookies or these red velvet cake balls would be perfect!
90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (2)
  1. 1989 – I went with a New York theme here with gummy pizzas, homemade pretzels, and mini cheesecake of course! Of and black and white cookies – one of my favorite black and white foods!
  2. Reputation – my personal favorite board and not just because of the giant gummy snake! Dark chocolate plus red accents made this a super fun one to make! These chocolate truffles or these dirt cookies with gummy snakes on top would be a fun addition too!
  3. Lover – this one was so fun to create because of the lover colors! Side note, we originally had cotton candy lining the bottom of the board but apparently cotton candy melts – so maybe keep cotton candy to on top of things instead of underneath! These mini sugar cookies with colorful sprinkles were a fun addition!
  4. Folklore – I know Evermore and Folklore are two different albums and very different, but we didn’t have enough people for each album, so these two got combined into one board. And we just went with a gorgeous traditional meat and cheese board to invoke the folk thing.
  5. Evermore – if I was going to do Taylor Swift boards again, I would still do Folklore very similar to the board in the picture below, but I would change up Evermore. I would go for more of an outdoorsy, almost camp and cabin feel to the board. Maybe some pretzels, s’mores cookies, and warm nature inspired colors like the warm yellows she wears for the Eras sets.
90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (3)
  1. Midnights – last but not least Taylor’s most recent album! Midnights (and the 3AM version) just remind me of eating late night snacks, junk food, and guilty pleasures, so we went with all of the above! Pop-Tarts, chocolate, cereal, and more! These brownie balls or these cookie Oreo brownie bars would be great additions!
90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (4)

Taylor Swift Food Ideas

Okay, now let’s talk about food ideas inspired by Taylor Swift songs, lyrics, and Taylor herself!

Like chai cookies! And chicken tenders (recipe at the bottom of the post) with seemingly ranch! Maybe serve them up with some tayter tots or tayter tot casserole!

My friend Karli made these Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce friendship bracelet cookies filled with Karam-el and they look amazing!

I’m not going to share pictures for every idea but had to share Karli’s because they’re so cute! And this list is about to get real long – I told you I had a TON of ideas and no one wants to scroll through pictures for every single idea.

Are you ready for it? I sure hope so because I for one can’t wait to make some of these Taylor Swift party foods!

90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (5)

Taylor Swift Foods Inspired by Song Names

Taylor has so many amazing songs, I probably could’ve come up with even more than this but hopefully you can find something that works here!

  1. Berry First Night – anything with berries of course! A bowl of berries or even something like this mixed berry cobbler. Berry first night cobbler has a nice ring to it!
  2. Welcome to New York – anything that would go after New York! Welcome to New York pizza rolls, welcome to New York bagels, welcome to New York cheesecake.
  3. Cornelia Street Tacos/Corn – anything with street in the name. I recommend my street corn pasta salad but you know, tacos are good too!
  4. Illicit eclairs – I have to thank reddit for this one. Not sure where it came from originally but any time you can serve eclairs, do it!
  5. Long Story Short(cake)strawberry shortcake is always a good choice or you could even do this strawberry shortcake dip! Plus, it’s red. That’s a double win!
90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (6)
  1. Invisible String – string anything! String cheese, mozzarella sticks with string cheese, string potatoes, string beans. Whatever!
  2. Sevenseven-layer bars or seven-layer dip would be great!
  3. Anti-hero Sandwich – grab a big hero sandwich and cut it into pieces. This would be perfect for Super Bowl Sunday!
  4. Look What You Made Me Fon-Do – melted cheese plus some chips, perfect party snack! If you need a recipe, this sausage cheese dip is close enough to cheese fondue to count!
  5. Ever’smores – another reddit find, anything s’mores would work for this! Try these s’mores cookies, these s’mores bars, or this s’mores dip!
90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (7)
  1. Pigs in a Blank(et) Space – if you’re having a Taylor Swift Super Bowl party, pigs in a blanket are a must. I personally like these cheddar pigs in a blanket but totally up to you! I also saw the idea to do pigs in a cardigan and thought that was cute too!
  2. All Too Well Done Burgers – maybe don’t actually make them well done but burgers are never a bad idea! If you’re going for the best party food, maybe make them sliders instead!
  3. Gold Rush – anything gold works here! You could totally make these St. Patrick’s Day marshmallow pops and only do the gold ones or anything caramel or butterscotch works too!
  4. Bad Blood Orange Bars – or really anything with blood orange (one of my favorite flavors) but these blood orange bars look delish!
  5. Que-So It Goes – if you ever needed an excuse to serve queso, here you go! Or mix it up and try this queso fundido, which is amazing!
90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (8)
  1. Cruel Summer Rolls – or you could do a summer salad (this strawberry spinach salad one is great) or summer sausage. You get the idea!
  2. Dress-ing – serve up those summer rolls or summer salad with dressing and hit two birds with one stone!
  3. Getaway Car-nitas – another excuse to serve tacos! You could also do getaway car-amels (assuming you pronounce it car-mels)!
  4. Bein’ with my Baby back ribs, baby spinach salad, etc. – anything that starts with baby works. There are actually a bunch of songs that have baby in the title like Bye Bye Baby that would also works for this! Or you could also do Bye Bye Baby-bel cheeses!
  5. Death by a Thousand Cups – make spinach artichoke cups, mac and cheese cups, broccoli cheese cups, or really any sort of cups and this one works! Another option would be death by a thousand cuts – like cuts of meat!
90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (9)
  1. Bejeweled candies – make these fun candy jewels and put them on top of cupcakes or a cake!
  2. Beautiful ghosts – these ghost brownies would be perfect for this!
  3. Better than revenge cake – make better than you know what cake and just call it better than revenge cake!
  4. Call It What You Want – this is kind of a catch all one! Make something you want and just put a sign next to it that says call it what you want! This sweet Chex mix might be a good option since people call it Chex Mix, party mix, and snack mix!
  5. Karma-el – bring something with caramel and call it a Karma-el anything. These caramel toffee cookies are my personal favorite!
90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (10)
  1. Last Kiss cookies – classic peanut butter kiss cookies work great for this or if you don’t want to make something, a bowl of Last Kiss chocolates works too!
  2. King of My Heart – anything heart shaped really works here, especially with Super Bowl being near Valentine’s Day! I’d personally make these Valentine’s Day rice krispy treats! Another song that would work for this is a Perfectly Good Heart.
  3. The Last Thyme – thyme pasta, thyme chicken, even thyme focaccia bread come to mind!
  4. Out of the Woods – this would be a fun one for a veggie tray, a fruit tray, or anything that might come from the woods!
  5. Snow on the Beach Cake – make this fun beach cake and add some coconut “snow” on top of the sand!
90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (11)
  1. Superstar bursts – easy enough right?
  2. Paris – anything French! Macarons, croissants, you name it!
  3. Peace – a piece of anything! Try “Peace” of pizza, “peace” of pie,” or even a “peace” of cake!
  4. Should’ve said “dough” – Bread, rolls, edible cookie dough, anything made with dough!
  5. Holy ground meatballs – or anything with ground meat! These grape jelly meatballs would be perfect!
  6. Foolish One Pot anything – one pot chili (like this Cincinnati chili), one pot dinner, etc.
  7. Fifteen/Twenty-two – either of these would be super simple. Fill number dishes with things or just put out fifteen or twenty-two of something!
  8. Eyes Open faced sandwiches – these open face chicken parm sandwiches look delish but you could really do anything, even just something as simple as a bruschetta and call it open face!
  9. Gorgeous – another really easy one to do with anything that’s pretty or appetizing looking! A charcuterie board, a cake, or flower cupcakes would be great!!
  10. Dancing with Our Hand Pies – okay, I know this one is a bit of a stretch but I thought it was fun! Make blueberry hand pies in a fun shape (a gown shaped pastry would be great!) and it works for this!
90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (12)
  1. I Wish You Wood-Fire Pizzas – who doesn’t love pizza, especially for Super Bowl!
  2. If This Was a Movie popcorn – or you could really do any sort of movie snacks but popcorn is a fun one! You could even do something unique like butterbeer popcorn!
  3. Carolina BBQ sandwiches – but don’t do this one during the Super Bowl because that would be an insult to the Chiefs and the amazing Kansas City BBQ! This would be great for something else though!
  4. Deli-Cut – sandwiches made with different deli-cut sandwiches!
  5. Now that We Don’t Guac – this is another reddit special that I thought was perfect for Super Bowl Sunday! This guacamole recipe would be great!
  6. Paper (Onion) Rings – okay, I can’t believe I’m recommending onions on my site but this one just seemed obvious. You could also just do candy rings, gummy rings, or some other kind of rings – like donuts! Yes, do donuts instead of onions. Much better!
  7. Back to Decemburger – alright we’re beginning to stretch things a little bit but if you want to serve actual food, burgers are always a safe bet and this is a fun way to make it TV!
  8. I Knew You Were Truffle Fries – any excuse to have truffle fries and truffle sounds just like trouble if you sing fast!
  9. Coney Island hot dogs or chili dogs – these are self-explanatory! I actually just had hot dogs at Coney Island this year on our girls trip to New York City and totally worth it!
  10. This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Wings – another great Super Bowl option if you want to serve wings and want to do Taylor’s Version! I highly recommend these parmesan wings – they’re seriously the best!
90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (13)

Taylor Swift Party Foods Inspired by Lyrics

Alright so we did song titles, let’s just throw in a few extra ideas based on lyrics because why not?

  1. It was enchanting to “meat” you – anything with meat of course!
  2. Taters gonna hatesmashed potatoes, french fries (these air fryer fries are the best), or pretty much anything potato!
  3. Starbucks lover – cake pops inspired by Starbucks cake pops, anything coffee, you name it.
  4. Say you’ll remember brie – baked brie, these brie bites, or a cheese tray with brie!
  5. He looks up like a grinning devil-ed eggs – deviled eggs are a classic and work for pretty much any occasion!
  6. Burning brighter than the sun-chips – or sundaes or anything that starts with sun, easy one here!
  7. Loving him was red velvet cake – or red velvet cookies or cake balls or you get it!
  8. Sweet like honey – pretty much anything with honey works or even just anything sweet! You could do chili and serve it with “sweet like honey cornbread.”
  9. Caramel delights – pretty sure Girl Scout cookies are actually called Caramel DeLites in some places but if not, anything with caramel like these Snickers brownies work!
  10. This sick beet – how about some roasted root veggies with sick beets or a beet salad?
90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (14)
  1. Key lime green pie – or anything key lime flavored works!
  2. Tuesday nights at Olive Garden – serve up this copycat zuppa toscana soup or just get some actual Olive Garden catering!
  3. Haunted club sandwiches – club sandwiches, club soda, or club crackers would all work!
  4. Marry me chicken – there’s such a thing as marry me chicken and it would be perfect for a Taylor Swift dinner party!
  5. You should’ve gone home-fries – or you could totally do home-made anything!
  6. An old napkin – okay, so it’s not a food item but you have to have napkins with your food right?
  7. Pulled out a ring pops – there are a lot of rings in Taylor Swift songs, this is just one of the most popular ones!
  8. Invisible smoke-d anything – smoked meat, smoked potatoes, smoked sausage – all sorts of things would work here!
  9. Paint the town blue-berry muffins – these blueberry muffins would be perfect or if you don’t want muffins, these blueberry cheesecake bars do the same thing!
  10. Cool chicks – these chicken minis or any sort of chicken nuggets would be great for this!
90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (15)

Taylor Swift Inspired Drinks

There are plenty of drinks you could serve that you’ve probably seen Taylor actually drinking, but I thought these ones inspired by songs and titles were fun!

  1. Holy orange bottles – bottles of orange soda, orange juice, etc.
  2. Sweet tea in the summer – sweet tea of course!
  3. High tea – could do tea of any sort, try to go with a London slant
  4. Message in a bottle – bottles of water, soda, juice, whatever!
  5. Lavender haze lemonade – I have a recipe for strawberry lavender lemonade, but I think you probably want to go with a purple version for this!
  6. (Milk)shake it off – milkshakes! I personally love this chocolate cake shake or this peppermint milkshake but anything works!
90 Taylor Swift Party Ideas (16)

So there you have it – enough Taylor Swift party ideas to cover you for Super Bowl Sunday, an Eras Tour movie night, an Eras tour pre-concert dinner, and a Taylor Swift birthday party!

What did I miss – what else would be great for a Taylor Swift party??


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  2. Taylor Swift Food Ideas: The article suggests food ideas inspired by Taylor Swift's songs and lyrics. For example, "I Knew You Were Truffle Fries" plays on the lyrics and suggests serving truffle fries [[1]].

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