All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (2024)

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In case you missed the news: Super Bowl LVIII is on Sunday, February 11. Even if you’re not very into the game, and the only reason you’re watching is to see Usher perform during the halftime show, hosting a party that day is just plain fun. It’s a chance to gather all of your friends under one roof, indulge in tasty bar snacks, and root for your favorite team. With a little less than a month to go, we’re gathering the best Super Bowl and football-themed decorations to welcome guests to a fun, festive space where they’ll cheer, cry, and everything in between.

Outfit your home with pieces like a colorful flag banner or tablecloth (dipping wings in sauces can get messy) that will remind your guests what day it is. At the very least, it will give them, and you, a good background against which you can snap a few sweet shots to savor later. If hanging up a sign and football lanterns doesn't feel very you, perhaps you're better off buying decorative pieces for the table. We love these football-shaped wooden serving trays and sporty co*cktail picks for your charcuterie board. Since game day naturally involves drinking, set up a mini kegerator on the table too. You can even extend the theme into your bathroom: just light CE Crafts Football Sundays candle to keep the space smelling fresh of lavender and cedar wood for guests.

Ahead, we rounded up more than 20 decorations that will get your home fan-ready. Our final piece of advice? Go ahead and order all of your favorite essentials before they sell out because we have a feeling every Super Bowl watch party host will be buying the same items you plan on snagging.

Football co*cktail Picks, 500 Pieces

Whether you pop these football-topped co*cktail picks into cupcakes or cheese cubes, you'll enjoy the on-theme motif almost as much as your guests will. They're perhaps the lowest effort decoration because all you have to do is stick them into your array of bite-sized delicacies and call it a day.

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Football Field Coasters, Set of 9

How sweet are these yard line coasters that look and feel like they're made of turf? They come in a set of nine, each of which bares a different number, meaning no one will lose track of their respective glass.

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (2)

Football-Shaped Pine Serving Tray, Set of 3

No, we would not break these football-shaped serving trays out for a typical dinner party, but on Super Bowl Sunday, they'll make an appearance. After all, they come in a set of three and are made of durable pine. So even if one of them falls to the floor in a moment of game-related rage, they won't crack or break.

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (3)

Football Stadium Chip and Dip Set

We don't want to pick favorites, but this chip and dip set is almost too adorable. Hand-painted to look like a crowded football stadium, it's a ceramic masterpiece that will definitely be one of the most eye-catching elements at the bash. Sadly, the game may take some of the attention away, but this sweet set is there for the fans when they get hangry.

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Mini Kegerator & Dispenser

This is a good investment that you'll use long after the Super Bowl—especially if you enjoy an ice-cold brew from time to time. It may be a bit more compact than what you'd find in your go-to sports bar, but this kegerator and dispenser accepts standard five-liter kegs, includes three O2 cartridges for pressure control, and thermoelectric cooling technology. This will definitely keep your guests happy, even if their team loses.

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Football Sunday Candle

No, this doesn't smell like beer, chicken wings, or a football. Rather, it features notes of mahogany, teakwood, lavender, geranium, cedar, and a hint of oak. This candle will be your go-to for a heavenly scent whenever you're in the mood for something sweet.

Inflatable Football Drink Coolers

You won't get twice as much use out of this set, but if you are (or live with) someone who likes to stay by the television every Sunday in the fall, this is a worthy set. Just blow them up, fill them with ice, and pop in your favorite beverages.

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Fanci-Fetti Footballs

No Super Bowl party is complete without a buffet table. So once you arrange all of the bar-inspired food—sliders, guacamole, and nachos, to name a few—scatter this football-shaped confetti between the dishes. It's a nice and highly affordable decor touch for the table.

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Football Flag Banners

If you have empty wall space and want to make it feel a bit more festive, go ahead and hang these flag banners. Each set includes four banners, which is a steal for just $10. There's no pressure to reuse these for your next soirée.

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (9)

Reversible Shot Glasses, Set of 4

Knocking back a shot is a bit daunting to anyone over the age of 23, but these shot glasses are so cute that we felt obliged to include them on our list. They're reversible, so feel free to down the liquor (or juice) from the football or the empty space around it. Just flip the glass over.

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (10)

Football Field Tablecloth

Few house parties get as messy as Super Bowl ones, so if you want to protect your furniture, opt for a tablecloth, which is as festive as it is functional. We hate to break it to you, but if there are any real football fans at your party, there will be spills.

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (11)

Merge Dip Set

Yes, you can use any small bowls you have lying around for a selection of dips. You can also opt for a matching porcelain set that sits atop a natural hardwood tray. Whether you fill the bowls with queso, salsa, and guacamole or different types of candy, your guests will thank you.

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (12)

Football Napkins, Set of 100

Generally speaking, novelty paper napkins aren't really our thing, but we'll make an exception for the Super Bowl. Just make sure you invite a lot of people because this set includes 100 napkins!

Football Piñata

When there's a lull in the game, break this thing out, which includes everything you need to get to the candy, including a blindfold and a stick. Just don't forget to load it with candy!

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (14)

Football-Shaped Snack Dispenser

Okay, how cute is this $27 snack dispenser? It's the exact size of a real football, so make sure to stick it somewhere it won't get lost in the mix of other, larger decor. We suggest popping it on the dessert table and filling it with hard-ish candy, like Jelly Beans or gumballs.

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (15)

40-Inch Gold Letter Helium Balloons

For obvious reasons, Dizoon doesn't send the whole alphabet per order. Instead, the brand sells each letter à la carte, so figure out what word feels most fitting for the evening (like "touchdown" or "score") and fill them with helium before your guests arrive.

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (16)

Cold Beer Coats

These miniature coats may not bear any team logos, but we'd consider that a good thing since we don't yet know who's going to face off on game day. Plus, because they're team-less, you can use them all year. The best part? Unlike regular coats, these are designed to keep your drinks cold on hot days.

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (17)

Wilton Football Novelty Cake Pan

No, this piece of decor isn't a cake—well, not technically. It's a football-shaped cake pan. So feel free to enlist your go-to favorite cake recipe, but when your creation is done baking, be sure to decorate it like a football. Icing bags and spatulas will definitely get the job done.

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (18)

Mini Foam Fingers

It's not game day without a foam finger whacking someone in the face. Luckily, these ones are mini, so an accidental tap won't be so disorienting.

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (19)

Small Letter Board

Stick this rustic letter board somewhere in the foyer to welcome your guests to one of the most fun nights of the year. Feel free to write something sweet, saucy, or supportive. Just don't lose any of the included letters because you'll definitely want to use this again.

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (20)

Football Tumbler Glasses, Set of 8

This feels just like a regular beer glass, but when you're holding it, you'll notice there are a few little textured grooves that make it just a little cooler than the other options. Yes, it's shaped and decorated like a football, complete with the lacing and seams.

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (21)

Classic Popcorn Containers

Unlike the ones you'd get at a carnival, these ones are reusable, so break them out for Super Bowl Sunday, movie night, or anything else that requires some buttery popcorn.

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (22)

Referee Jumbo Balloons, Set of 2

If two ref balloons feel like too many for your home, feel free to snag only one. On the other hand, if you really want to commit to the football game on the screen, you can opt for seven (the same number that's on the field during an NFL game).

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (23)

Football Paper Lanterns, Set of 6

Lastly, if you don't want to go overboard decorating for the Super Bowl, choose just one decoration and stop there. If you're taking the simple route, you can't go wrong with these paper lanterns, which are easy to hang, easy to remove, and easy to reuse.

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (24)

Pro Outdoor Kegerator Keg Cooler

This is more of an investment both financially and spatially, so think before you buy. That said, if you live in a generally warm place and like to host al fresco fêtes, you won't imagine what you were doing before you installed a keg into your patio setup. Finished in smudge-resistant stainless steel, this fridge can survive (and thrive) even in the harshest weather, so feel free to quite literally leave it in the cold if you only plan on using it in the summer.

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (25)

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As an expert and enthusiast, I don't have personal experiences or beliefs, but I can provide you with information on the concepts mentioned in this article. Let's go through each concept and discuss them:

Super Bowl LVIII

Super Bowl LVIII is scheduled to take place on Sunday, February 11. It is an annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL) in the United States. The Super Bowl is the culmination of the NFL season and is known for its high viewership and extravagant halftime shows. The upcoming Super Bowl LVIII will feature a performance by Usher during the halftime show [[1]].

Super Bowl Decorations

The article mentions various Super Bowl and football-themed decorations that can be used to create a festive atmosphere for a Super Bowl watch party. Some of the decorations mentioned include:

  • Colorful flag banner or tablecloth: These can be used to remind guests of the event and provide a backdrop for photos [[2]].
  • Football-shaped wooden serving trays: These can be used to serve snacks and add a sporty touch to the table [[3]].
  • Football stadium chip and dip set: This ceramic set is hand-painted to resemble a crowded football stadium and can be a visually appealing addition to the party [[4]].
  • Mini kegerator: This is a compact kegerator and dispenser that can be used to serve cold beverages during the game [[5]].
  • Football-themed candles: These candles can add a pleasant scent to the space, such as the CE Crafts Football Sundays candle mentioned in the article [[6]].
  • Inflatable football drink coolers: These can be filled with ice and used to keep beverages cold [[7]].
  • Football-themed confetti: Scatter football-shaped confetti on the buffet table for a decorative touch [[8]].
  • Football flag banners: Hang these banners on empty wall space to create a festive atmosphere [[9]].
  • Reversible shot glasses: These shot glasses have a football design and can be flipped to drink from either side [[10]].
  • Football field tablecloth: Use a tablecloth to protect furniture and add a football-themed touch to the table [[11]].
  • Football napkins: These novelty paper napkins can be used to add a football-themed element to the party [[12]].
  • Football piñata: A football-shaped piñata can be a fun activity for guests during a lull in the game [[13]].
  • Football-shaped snack dispenser: This snack dispenser, shaped like a football, can be filled with candy or other small snacks [[14]].
  • Gold letter helium balloons: These balloons can be used to spell out words related to the Super Bowl or the teams playing [[15]].
  • Cold beer coats: These miniature coats are designed to keep drinks cold on hot days [[16]].
  • Football novelty cake pan: This pan can be used to bake a cake in the shape of a football, which can then be decorated accordingly [[17]].
  • Mini foam fingers: Foam fingers are a classic sports accessory, and these mini versions can add a playful touch to the party [[18]].
  • Small letter board: A rustic letter board can be used to welcome guests or display messages [[19]].
  • Football tumbler glasses: These glasses are shaped and decorated like footballs, adding a thematic element to the drinkware [[20]].
  • Classic popcorn containers: Reusable popcorn containers can be used to serve buttery popcorn during the game or movie night [[21]].
  • Referee jumbo balloons: These balloons, shaped like referees, can be used as decorative elements [[22]].
  • Football paper lanterns: Paper lanterns with football designs can be hung to add a touch of decoration to the space [[23]].
  • Pro outdoor kegerator keg cooler: This is a larger and more expensive option for those who want to invest in a kegerator for outdoor parties [[24]].

These are just some of the decorations mentioned in the article. Depending on personal preferences and the desired level of decoration, individuals can choose from a variety of Super Bowl and football-themed decorations to create a festive atmosphere for their watch party.

I hope this information helps you understand the concepts mentioned in the article. Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with!

All Super Bowl Party Hosts *Need* These Game-Day Decorations (2024)


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