Classic and Chic Ideas for a Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape (2024)

Classic and Chic Ideas for a Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape (1)

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Thanksgiving is all about sharing a festive meal with family and friends you love. But when you're the host of the Thanksgiving feast, the holiday is also a chance to put your hostessing skills on display. Since the meal is the center point of the entire celebration, curating a perfectly photogenic festive table display is a must-do. We rounded up 19 ideas to spark your imagination for a perfectly planned out Thanksgiving tablescape.

Lean In to Turkey Decor

Too much turkey decor can be overwhelming on Thanksgiving, but a little goes along way. Don't be afraid to add a small seasonal accent to your table, like this sequined turkey trinket. It is turkey day after all!

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Add Chic Chinoiserie Accents

Want your Thanksgiving dinner to be really chic? Try incorporating some chinoiserie accent pieces. From plates and serving dishes to hand-painted chinoiserie pumpkins, these elegantly decorated dinner accessories will make your Thanksgiving meal feel über-preppy.

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Repurpose a Wreath

Classic and Chic Ideas for a Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape (4)

For an easy centerpiece that doesn't interfere with sightlines across the table, look to an autumn-themed wreath. Place a serving piece, cakestand, candle, or vase in the hole at the center and you have an instant tablescape.

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Don't Be Afraid to Play with Color

Orange, yellow, and brown might seem like the go-to colors for decorating your dining room table on Thanksgiving. But playing with shades like a turquoise and a soft green can create a whole new atmosphere that your dinner guests are sure to love.

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Get Creative with Pumpkins

Mini pumpkins are cute enough on their own, but add some paint and you'll have the most Instagrammable Thanksgiving table on the block.

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Use Autumnal Dinnerware

Color scheme is everything when it comes to setting up your dinner decor. A dusty pink dinnerware set or flatware in other autumnal colors will easily make your family's Thanksgiving experience just that much more festive.

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Incorporate Fresh Fruit

Fall is the harvest season, so add some fresh produce to your Thanksgiving dining table. You can add seasonal accents, like pumpkins and apples, or fruits you love all year long, like grapes or figs, to create a beautiful and unique autumnal table.

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White and Green Is Another Foolproof Color Combination

Seasonal, elegant, and timelessly chic, opt for a green and white table display this Thanksgiving. Plates with nature-inspired greenery are a great way to bring in color, and pairs well with a vine centerpiece. Add small decorative pumpkins to amp up the autumnal feeling, as well.

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Use Patterned Napkins

Tie your color scheme together with some embroidered cloth napkins. Lay them diagonally over the edge of the table for a little extra flare.

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When In Doubt, Add Greenery

If you're table is lacking a special touch, add some greenery. It can make for a great addition to an otherwise plain table runner. Just bundle together a bunch of leafy greens or even herbs and you've got a seasonally-inspired centerpiece to go with your turkey meal.

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Let Your Plates Do the Talking

Classic and Chic Ideas for a Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape (12)

Since Thanksgiving is really all about the food, why not make your plates the statement pieces? Opt for a plate or serving platter complete with a turkey printed on it. Then, your entire table will be holiday ready no matter what other pieces you use on the table.

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Look for Bold Napkin Rings

You can add an entirely new design element to your tabletop with festive napkin rings. Choose a seasonal design—something with autumnal colors is always a good idea—or make them the statement piece of your table with an option like these gold napkin rings.

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Make the Candles the Star

Keep it rustic with an antler-themed candle holder to make your dining room feel more seasonal. Not only will it be a beautiful centerpiece, but it will help light the table, too.

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Embrace Dark Shades

Classic and Chic Ideas for a Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape (15)

For evening festivities, an inky color palette adds an instant dose of luxury and helps other accent colors stand out.

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Or Make Everything Gold

For a more lavish Thanksgiving experience, brighten up the table with pops of metallic. From candles to cups to a simple string of starry lights in the dining room, a little bit of gold goes a long way. Bring in chic accents, like dramatic gold wine glasses that are sure to make a statement.

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Surprise with Minimalism

Classic and Chic Ideas for a Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape (17)

Thanksgiving is classically a time of bounty, which makes understated decor a breath of fresh air for the Thanksgiving table. A single seasonal touch like a pretty ribbon, leaf, or pine cone can add just the right touch of autumn and lets the rest of your set up take center stage.

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Create Your Own Floral Display

Create a DIY pumpkin centerpiece filled with flowers to bring some beauty from outside straight to the dinner table.

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Try an Unconventional Placemat

Your placemat doesn't have to hide underneath your plate. In fact, you can opt for a statement placemat to add a new element to your table. Try upscale wooden planks in lieu of chargers for a rustic look.

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Classic and Chic Ideas for a Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape (20)

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Concepts in the Article:

Thanksgiving Tablescaping and Decor

The article provides ideas and tips for creating a beautifully curated Thanksgiving table display. It covers various concepts related to table decor, including:

  1. Turkey Decor: The article suggests incorporating turkey-themed accents in moderation to embrace the Thanksgiving theme without overwhelming the table.

  2. Chic Chinoiserie Accents: It recommends incorporating chinoiserie accent pieces to add elegance and sophistication to the Thanksgiving dinner setup.

  3. Repurposing Wreaths: The article suggests using autumn-themed wreaths as an easy centerpiece that doesn't obstruct sightlines across the table.

  4. Playing with Color: It encourages experimenting with non-traditional colors such as turquoise and soft green to create a unique and inviting atmosphere.

  5. Creative Use of Pumpkins: The article proposes using painted mini pumpkins to create an Instagrammable Thanksgiving table.

  6. Autumnal Dinnerware: It emphasizes the importance of color scheme in setting up dinner decor, suggesting the use of autumnal-colored dinnerware to enhance the festive experience.

  7. Incorporating Fresh Fruit: The article recommends adding fresh produce, such as pumpkins, apples, grapes, or figs, to create a unique and beautiful autumnal table.

  8. Color Combinations: It highlights the use of white and green as a foolproof color combination for a Thanksgiving table display.

  9. Patterned Napkins: The article suggests using embroidered cloth napkins to tie the color scheme together and add a touch of elegance.

  10. Incorporating Greenery: It advises adding greenery as a special touch to the table, creating a seasonally-inspired centerpiece.

  11. Statement Plates: The article suggests using plates or serving platters with holiday-themed prints to make them the statement pieces of the table.

  12. Bold Napkin Rings: It recommends using festive napkin rings to add a new design element to the tabletop.

  13. Candlelight: The article suggests using rustic or themed candle holders to add seasonal ambiance and illuminate the table.

  14. Color Palettes: It recommends using dark shades for evening festivities and incorporating gold accents for a more lavish experience.

  15. Minimalism: The article suggests embracing understated decor as a breath of fresh air for the Thanksgiving table, such as using a single seasonal touch as a minimalist accent.

  16. Floral Displays: It encourages creating DIY floral centerpieces, such as a pumpkin centerpiece filled with flowers, to bring natural beauty to the dinner table.

  17. Unconventional Placemats: The article suggests opting for statement placemats, such as upscale wooden planks, to add a new element to the table setting.

These concepts cover a range of design and decor ideas for creating a visually stunning and memorable Thanksgiving table display, catering to various styles and preferences for hosting a festive and inviting Thanksgiving celebration.

Classic and Chic Ideas for a Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape (2024)


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