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by Tammy

Christmas time calls for the Elf movie to be on a continuous loop in our house. It is just too funny and really brings the holiday spirit. We like to kick off the holidays with an Elf movie night party. (and we may or may not kick off the Christmas movie watching in October…eek!) I am always creating parties for occasions other than family time, and sometimes it makes me feel guilty because I know the kids would love a family party every once and a while, so this year I decided to kick things up a notch and create an Elf movie night party for just the fam. The kids were in heaven and it made me realize I need to make an effort to do this for them more often! 🙂

Want to host your own Elf movie night party? Here’s what I put together:


To recreate this party table you will want the following. I have included affiliate links for your convenience. If you would like to learn more about what an affiliate link is, you can find my full disclosure here.

Party Bottles

Pouf Balls

Striped Straws

Washi Tape Trees (tutorial to make your own here for the top of the cake)

Cake Stands

Candy Cane Sticks- THESE are the BEST!!!

Red Pom Poms

Felt Circle Garland (you can buy them here, or use this tutorial to make your own)



Elf is ALL about sugar, right? And EVERYTHING has syrup, SO, we definitely couldn’t get away without having mini pancakes for dinner with lots of syrup. I made the elf inspired milk bottles by simply wrapping the bottom half in yellow construction paper. For the collar, I punched a circle out of white cardstock and cut is almost in half, and then wrapped it around the mouth of the bottle. For the straws, I added a construction paper hat with a red pompom. I think these drink bottles were what really gave the party the “Elf” movie feel, because they resembled his costume.

I made a small 6 inch cake that I frosted with homemade buttercream…just in between the layers for a sort of naked cake look. I topped it with my favorite washi tape trees (you can find a link to the tutorial to make these easy decorations up above in the materials list) and then I simply added a few store bought chocolate chip cookies in cupcake liners on top of the delicious candy cane sticks. It was really a simple set up that did not require much time at all, but made the kids feel like it was something really special. Mission accomplished!

Isn’t that backdrop from the Caravan Shoppe so cute? They have a ton of fun holiday themed backdrops and they are very reasonably priced. I took this one to my local Staples and had it printed as an engineering print. That makes it 3 feet by 4 feet in black and white and it only costs about $7. Such a small price for such a big print and big impact for your Elf movie night party table!

This was SUCH a fun family night and it truly was fun to see how much the kids appreciated that I did all of this just for them. If you are looking for more fun Christmas and holiday ideas, you can find them here in our Christmas gallery.

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Have a great day!

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Elf Movie Night Party - Christmas Traditions — Pink Peppermint Design (8)

Elf Movie Night Party - Christmas Traditions — Pink Peppermint Design (2024)


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