More-Vegetable-Than-Egg Frittata Recipe (2024)



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Joan Abnett

This has been a standard of mine to use up either vegetables or egg. I always find that half a grated zucchini adds a lovely lightness to the mix.


I find that a little Prosciutto or crisp bacon sends this into the stratosphere!


Very similar to what we do. 4 eggs works well for two people, and you can add almost anything you want. We're fond of scattered olives and little patches of cheese on top.One suggestion. If you aren't fond of using your broiler or you're just in a "keep it simple" mood, put the oven over 400 degrees and leave it in for about 10 minutes.. It won't have quite the same top layer, but the hot oven compensates in part, and it's still pretty darn good.


I normally follow 'as written ' the first time around. However, time and energy were in short supply. I looked at the ingredients and decided they needed to be together however. So I roasted the veggies 10 minutes at 400. I buttered an 11x7 casserole, laid in the cooked veggies, then herbs, then 4 eggs beaten w a bit of milk, then the cheese. Baked at 350 for 40 minutes. I WILL do this again!


Excellent recipe as written. A lovely dinner for one...I used 2 eggs, don't leave out the onion- I used vidalia, adds flavor and a subtle sweetness. Zucchini half moons, basil ribbons & thyme leaves. Added pecorino to the beaten eggs, after 10 minutes on the stovetop (low heat), put in oven at 400 for 1 minute, to brown a bit more.

Beverly Henricks

You can get the same "souffle" effect with frittata and omelets by using a couple of tablespoons of plain, wholemilk, yogurt instead of heavy cream. I also get super fluffy pancakes with yogurt instead of milk/water.

walter sudmant

instead of cooking on stovetop, put egg mixture into oven at 350 for 30 min or until set. the egg and veg need time together. For an even healthier version, use 1 egg, plus pour in egg whites.


This is a delicious and versatile recipe. I like to add halved grape tomatoes just before the eggs. They add a brightness to the flavor and make the frittata much prettier.

Janine Gross

This is easy and delicious. Instead of sauteing the vegetables, I roasted them at 400 (onion, red potato, curly kale, finely chopped raw broccoli) tossed in olive oil and salted. To accommodate different cooking times, I grouped the vegetables separately on a parchment-covered sheet pan and removed them a group at a time when they were done. Other than that, I followed the recipe. Great with soup and/or a salad. I'll be making this often.

Nelson M

After beating the eggs, I add some chili sauce, 1 tablespoon of heavy cream, and then slide the sauteed vegetables into the mixing bowl with the eggs momentarily to stir it all up together quickly before pouring it back into the skillet. This helps the eggs hold the whole frittata together better. Covering the pan after adding the eggs helps the top set-up without using a broiler. Cream causes frittata to puff up like a souffle and enriches flavor.Swiss cheese pieces spread on top also works.


Use the microwave to soften the onion and start the vegetables while thempan heats ; this is then21st entury!


Love this with thinly sliced yellow squash or zucchini, mushrooms, thyme and lovely bright yellow eggs we have here in northern Italy Flavors are subtle and play well together.


I make this often and throw in whatever veggies I have laying around. Its a great clean out the fridge recipe. I have also added cheese, if I have any I want to use up. Easily enough for dinner and then leftover for lunch.

Peggy Herron

I make a version of this once a month . I use 7 eggs for three people . It has a lot of prep work so I make it for two nights . Boil red skinned potatoes. Roast zucchini and or eggplant . Cut the cooked potatoes into smaller pieces . I’ve made it so often I don’t measure anything. After the prep work I follow the recipe maybe will add a dash of heavy cream. It’s no longer a diet recipe but I don’t care .


Love this concept, and a perfect use of the ridiculous amounts of summer produce in my freezer and the eggs my hens insist on contributing. The possibilities are endless, though right now, as I scramble (haha, bad pun) to unload the last of last year’s snap beans, my frittatas have been heavy on the same. Other tasty options have included cubed, roasted eggplant, collards, mustard greens, Swiss chard, black beans, and corn. I’ve toyed with an Apple/blueberry combo too, which tips sweeter.


Heck, we've been making this almost every single morning for the last 6 years since retirement. It's called a "frittata," eh? I had no idea it was a thing! We do it with kale. Awesome.


To ensure the cast iron skillet stays non-stick, heat the skillet first before adding the oil. Heating causes the pores to shrink, so the oil is more effective in covering the pan's surface (this works with stainless pans too). Add the oil when the pan is hot enough for it to slide over the pan surface. Then proceed with the recipe. Pan clean-up will be so much easier. This is m go-to recipe for frittatas!


Forget the broiler or the oven and just put a lid on the skillet until it's nicely puffed up and eggs are cooked through. A frequent version of my grandmother's had lots of fresh chopped parsley and onion with a hint of allspice. The dish is called 'ejjeh', and is good hot or cold.

Toby R.

I used one thinly sliced potato and four finely shredded Brussels sprouts and two eggs with a mix in of 1/8 cup a grated Mexican cheese blend. It was a sumptuous and delicious frittata for two. I am eager to try other veg combos.


For one person. 2 cups 2 eggs.Basil is lovely. I add a little spice.Not much. Little sh*taki mushrooms sauteed beforehand.

Max Dither

I saw a frittata recipe in the Times many years ago, and tried it out. It was really good, so I kept on making it. I start with sautéing sliced scallions and mushrooms in a little low fat margarine. When that's done, I add egg whites, which keeps the cholesterol down. And I top it off with different kinds of shredded cheese. When that's cooked, I flip half of the frittata over to make it into an omelette. Add a warm corn muffin, and voila, breakfast is served!

J. Smith

Easy and fun way to brown top, instead of using the broiler, is to use a searing torch such as by Iwatani or Benzomatic.Very fast and can be used for other dishes requiring surface browning.


Is there a baking temp for this?


Using a technique taken from the classic tortilla espagnole (some egg/lots of potato and onion), I think I get a better result by softening the veg and then soaking them in the egg for 30 minutes or so, and then turning the whole business into a skillet.


For those of us watching our cholesterol, perhaps we should substitute some of the 3 eggs with just whites?

Rose K.

No need for oven. After pouring eggs over the veggies, sprinkle with park or other cheese, lower heat to lowest, cover and let it set for a few minutes until done.


I used 4 cups of vegetables (fresh onion, celery, carrots, roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts, diced) plus 2 eggs and 1 clove garlic, minced. I cut oil to 1 teaspoon, which was enough. With an electric stove, once eggs are added, turn off the heat and cover for 8-10 minutes. The bottom was nicely browned and the top was set. Next time I will use at least 3 eggs plus more pepper and cheese, which I sprinkled lightly over the finished product. It was very filling and satisfying.


We enjoyed this dish hot but I actually liked it better cold the next day with a splash of Cry Baby Craig’s hot sauce. Can’t wait to try it again this spring when asparagus is in season - $10/pound right now!


A frittata is great for using leftover vegetables. I add some chopped sun dried tomatoes to the veg and small dollops of goat cheese before it goes into the oven. Delicious!


This was very good, used asparagus, onion, mushroom all lightly sautéed, plus the parm and dill with red pepper flakes. Used 5 eggs for 2 people, we like eggs.

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More-Vegetable-Than-Egg Frittata Recipe (2024)


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