NFL Straight Up Picks for Every Game in Week 16 (Bengals, Colts and Multiple Upsets to Bet) (2024)

With just three weeks left in the 2023 NFL regular season there are 48 more games to pick before the playoffs.

After a strong Week 15 showing (10-6), I’ve improved this season’s record to 38 games over .500. The Philadelphia Eagles couldn’t close out a strong week on Monday night, but it’s still one of the better showings we’ve had in the second half of the 2023 season.

  • Week 15 Record:10-6
  • Season Long Record: 128-90

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The NFL is giving fans and bettors quite the Christmas treat with matchups on Dec. 23, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. That’s a lot of time to bet on football, and potentially make some scratch to make up for those holiday gifts.

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Here’s who I think will win every game in Week 16!

  • Pick: Rams -198

The Rams are now in the playoff picture in the NFC, and the team’s offense has looked elite since Kyren Williams returned from injured reserve.

Meanwhile, the Saints are just 1-5 against opponents that are .500 or better this season. I like Matthew Stafford and the Rams to take this one at home.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Moneyline Pick

  • Pick: Bengals -135

Mason Rudolph is expected to get the start for Pittsburgh in Week 16 if Kenny Pickett can’t go, and that’s not a great sign for the Steelers.

Pittsburgh has now lost three straight games to the Arizona Cardinals, New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts, falling out of the top seven in the AFC in the process. Meanwhile, Cincinnati is now the No. 6 seed after picking up a third straight win on Saturday.

Jake Browning is playing well, and I think the Bengals can win this game – even if Ja’Marr Chase (shoulder) is forced to sit.

  • Pick: Bills -625

Had Justin Herbert not gotten hurt, this would have been an extremely fun matchup on Saturday night.

Instead, we get to watch a Chargers team that lost 63-21 last Thursday night take on one of the hottest teams in the NFL.

Buffalo should roll in this game, especially since the team is humming on offense against elite defenses like Dallas. The Chargers have one of the five worst defenses in the NFL this season.

Cleveland Browns vs. Houston Texans Moneyline Pick

  • Pick: Browns +120

Houston escaped Week 15 with a win, but the team needs CJ Stroud back in action (concussion) if it really wants to beat the Browns.

Still, I don’t know if that happens. Cleveland has the best pass defense in the NFL, and the Texans have been much more successful through the air than on the ground this season.

Joe Flacco and the Browns have some magic in them, and I think they ride theri defense to a win. Houston has struggled to score the last two weeks against the New York Jets and Tennessee Titans.

  • Pick: Jets -155

Does Aaron Rodgers play? Probably not with New York eliminated from playoff contention, but the Commanders are downright awful.

The team has allowed the most points in the NFL this season, and Washington benched Sam Howell in Week 15. I think even the Jets’ terrible offense can win this game.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Tennessee Titans Moneyline Pick

  • Pick: Seahawks -135

Tennessee had a chance to keep its playoff hopes alive in Week 15, and the team proceeded to blow a lead and lose in overtime to Houston.

Meanwhile, Seattle is coming off a thrilling win on Monday Night Football against Philly. Drew Lock and Geno Smith both appear to be solid quarterback options, and Seattle needs a win for playoff positioning.

Tennessee has been average at home (4-3), and the team’s running game was awful last week with Derrick Henry totaling less than 15 yards despite getting 20 touches. I’ll fade the Titans here.

  • Pick: Colts -135

The Atlanta Falcons are officially off my bet list.

The team scored just seven points and lost to the Carolina Panthers in Week 15, one of the worst showings by a team all season.

Now, the Falcons have to beat a red-hot Colts team that has found an identity on offense? No chance.

Altanta simply won’t score enough to win this game.

Green Bay Packers vs. Carolina Panthers Moneyline Pick

  • Pick: Packers -225

Green Bay is in a must win scenario against the Carolina Panthers in Week 16.

At 6-8, the Packers need wins and some help to sneak into the playoffs in the NFC. Carolina has just two wins all season, and it scored just nine points in its win against Atlanta. I’m not buying the Panthers this week.

  • Pick: Lions -162

Minnesota is going to start Nick Mullens again, but I’m not sold on that being the difference after it still lost to the Bengals in Week 15.

The Lions looked sharp against Denver, putting up 42 points and their loss to Chicago earlier this month could have been a wake up call for this season. It’s tough to win division games on the road, but I’m not buying this Minnesota team given its quarterback situation.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Moneyline Pick

  • Pick: Buccaneers -110

There’s a real chance Jacksonville blows the AFC South.

The Jaguars are struggling defensively, ranking 28th in the NFL in yards per play allowed, and that’s going to make things tough against Tampa.

Baker Mayfield and company are in first in the NFC South, and they’ve won three straight. I lean with them at home on Sunday.

  • Pick: Cardinals +180

I’m not sold on either of these teams, especially after the Bears completely fell apart in the fourth quarter against Cleveland (not the first time this season they’ve done that).

As bad as the Arizona defense is, can Chicago take advantage? I’m not sold.

The Cardinals were able to move the ball and score against San Francisco last week, and I think Kyler Murray could lead the team to a sneaky upset in Week 16.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins Moneyline Pick

  • Pick: Cowboys +102

This is a battle of two teams that both struggle against real contenders, but I think Dallas is the play – even on the road.

Miami is 0-3 against teams over .500 this season, and it didn’t really compete against Philly or Buffalo. At least Dallas has a win over the Eagles on its resume.

The Dolphins also are banged up on offense with Tyreek Hill (ankle) missing Week 15. I have to bet on a Dak Prescott bounce-back game in Week 16.

  • Pick: Broncos -290

Denver cannot lose this game if it wants a chance at the playoffs.

To the Broncos’ credit, they bounced back nicely after a loss to Houston earlier this month, and I think they do the same in Week 16 after losing to Detroit.

The Patriots turn the ball over a ton and struggle on offense, a good sign for a Denver team that isn’t going to blow anyone out with an explosive offensive attack. However, the Denver defense has been one of the most oppotunistic in the NFL.

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs Moneyline Pick

  • Pick: Chiefs -485

Patrick Mahomes has just four career losses against the AFC West in his career.

The Chiefs are alive for a higher seed in the AFC with the Ravens facing San Fran and the Dolphins facing Dallas, so they should come out with a sense of urgency on Christmas Day.

  • Pick: Eagles -600

Philly has not won a game in December, but this is a prime spot at home on Christmas Day.

The Giants came back to Earth in Week 15, struggling on offense against New Orleans. This is the division matchup the Eagles need to right the ship in 2023.

Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers Moneyline Pick

  • Pick: Ravens +195

Call me crazy, but I think Baltimore is live to win this game.

This San Francisco defense is beatable on the ground, allowing 4.3 yards per carry on the season, and that’s right up Baltimore’s alley.

Lamar Jackson has a chance to make an MVP statement in this one, and the 49ers have been coasting against some easier opponents the last two weeks. Plus, Baltimore has an elite defense to combat this San Fran attack – ranking No. 1 in the NFL in yards per play allowed.

Odds refresh periodically and are subject to change.

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NFL Straight Up Picks for Every Game in Week 16 (Bengals, Colts and Multiple Upsets to Bet) (2024)


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