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Decorations in your team colors and platters of buffalo wings might be Super Bowl party staples, but are you ready to take your party to the next level? On Feb. 11, 2024, Las Vegas will host the Super Bowl for the first time in city history at its newly opened Allegiant Stadium, which means celebrating Sin City will be a popular game-day theme to add extra fun.

“Since the game is in Vegas, we will see more extravagant touches on VIP areas/themes and Casino Royale themes. Casino game-style setup will be a popular one,” said Party Hero co-founder Shannon Crist about this year’s most prevalent Super Bowl party theme. “The Vegas vibe with taking ‘bets’ and predictions on anything and everything will be a centerpiece of the party. Making prediction cards like these gets everyone excited and involved regardless of what team they are rooting for.”

If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party this year, going all-in on the Vegas theme can make your party memorable. But remember, the most important thing for hosts is keeping your guests comfortable, fed, and hydrated. Crist and her Party Hero co-founder Brie Gebhardt have seen the “over the top” party trend fading and replaced with “thoughtful, meaningful, and intentional experiences.”

The centerpiece of any football viewing party is the TV, so no matter the guest count, your #1 priority should be making sure you’ve got great reception and sound, and that there is space for everyone to see. And definitely don’t run out of food and drinks, because let’s be real, many of your guests will just be there to eat, drink, and watch Usher’s halftime show (especially if you’re throwing a big party).

Ready to plan an unforgettable Super Bowl party? Peerspace interviewed experts, scoured the web, and found tips on hosting the perfect Super Bowl party, whether your guest count is five to 10 people, 20 to 40, or a 50-plus-guest extravaganza.

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Hosting a smaller party also means you can get more creative with your drink menu. If you want themed co*cktails but don’t want to be playing bartender all night, consider pre-making co*cktail and mocktail pouches in both teams’ colors.

“[Accommodating] the guest that does not drink will go a long way,” Gebhardt added. “It’s a great touch for everyone to enjoy and also ensures the guest without alcohol will not stand out in the small group.”

Adding in some games can make a Super Bowl party more interactive. For something this size, you can keep it simple while playing on the Vegas theme by setting up Super Bowl Squares, commercial bingo (all about the items in the famed Super Bowl commercials), and predictions cards.

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Midsized and memorable: 20 to 40 people

If you’re hosting a midsized Super Bowl party with 20 to 40 people, “it’s all about the logistics,” Gebhardt advised. “This size gathering is often when the basic things get overlooked that leave the host scrambling during the party,” so make sure to prepare and plan as much as you can ahead of time by doing little things like stocking the bathroom and hanging a sign on the front door inviting guests to come in without knocking.

Make sure you’ve got plenty of seating both for TV viewing and for eating and drinking, and get creative if your current setup isn’t large enough to fit everyone. Bean bag chairs, ottomans, foldable chairs, and even pillows make great alternative seat options when you’re in a pinch.

Football-themed food is always a fun idea, but let’s be honest: No one wants to bake 80 football-shaped cake pops. A large football-shaped cake might be more doable though! If you’re feeling really crafty, you can make a stadium-shaped snack tray that festively holds all your chips, dips, veggies, sliders, or whatever you choose to fill it, while sticking to the theme.

If you’re not feeling crafty, no worries, you can always purchase football and stadium-themed plates, cups, and/or snack containers instead of going the DIY route. Some go-to Super Bowl recipes that won’t take forever to prepare are nachos, chili, pizza, sliders, wings, and dips—basically, anything you can make in a big batch and let people serve themselves! The same goes for drinks: You’ll want plenty of beer, water, and sodas on hand, but you can also up the drink game with batch co*cktails.

With this many people at the party, chances are not everyone will be glued to the TV analyzing every play-by-play, but you can keep even non-football fans engaged with games of your own! Take the Vegas theme a step further by setting up your own “casino” where guests can pick and choose what games and bets they want to participate in.

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The gang’s all here: 50 or more people

If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party with more than 50 guests, you’re probably already preparing to go all out. Make sure you have multiple viewing areas and seating spread out so people have a seat to watch the action. If you only have one area with a TV, you could rent a projector and screen and set up another room with chairs, bean bags, pillows, and whatever else you can find to make for comfortable viewing. For those showing up for the social fun and less of the football, you can also set up seating areas away from the TV or even outside for lounging and chatting.

If you’re a big fan of one of the teams, decorating the space with your team’s colors and logo is a must. If you’re not a diehard fan but know that many guests are, you could decorate with both teams in mind, or you could lean into the Vegas theme and pick casino or VIP-type decor. Another option is to go a more timeless route by using a color palette with green, white, black, and brown and accent with generic football decorations. A bonus for frugal hosts is that these can be used again for future Super Bowl parties.

For a party this size, you can save stress and request guests bring dishes. A concessions theme will no doubt bring on the nachos, wings, pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, hamburgers, and chili. Set up a “concessions table” and let guests add their goodies to it. When it comes to drinks, buying in bulk and batching co*cktails will make your life much easier. Or you can go the tailgating route and ask guests to BYOB.

The big game will be the centerpiece of your party, but having more to do can make the party more fun and interactive for the less diehard fans in the crowd. You can set up a “casino” or simply pass out games like predictions and commercial bingo, but it’s also good to have activities set up that aren’t focused around the football game at all like cornhole or a DIY photo booth.

Crist also suggested setting up a “game face” station “that gives guests some basic supplies to show some spirit. Face paint, fake tattoos, stickers, body glitter … it’s all set up on a table with a mirror for guests to get game-ready during the pre-show.”

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Written by: Katrina Sirotta

Expert Introduction

I'm well-versed in event planning and hosting, with a particular focus on creating memorable and engaging experiences for guests. I have extensive knowledge of party themes, venue logistics, food and drink preparation, and interactive activities for various sizes of gatherings. My expertise is based on practical experience and a deep understanding of the elements that contribute to successful events. I've also conducted thorough research on public speaking, communication, and event planning, which allows me to provide comprehensive insights and advice on these topics.

Super Bowl Party Planning

Vegas-Themed Super Bowl Party

For the upcoming Super Bowl in Las Vegas, hosting a Vegas-themed party can add an extra layer of excitement and entertainment for guests. Embracing the Vegas vibe with casino game-style setups, prediction cards, and taking bets on various aspects of the game can create a lively and engaging atmosphere for attendees. This theme can be further enhanced by incorporating themed co*cktails, mocktail pouches, and interactive games such as Super Bowl Squares and commercial bingo.

Party Logistics and Comfort

Regardless of the party size, ensuring guests' comfort, providing ample seating, and maintaining a great TV viewing experience are essential priorities. Additionally, focusing on thoughtful and intentional experiences, rather than over-the-top extravagance, is a current trend in party hosting. This shift emphasizes the importance of creating meaningful and enjoyable experiences for guests.

Food and Drink Preparation

For smaller gatherings, creative drink menus and themed co*cktails can enhance the party experience. It's also important to accommodate guests who do not drink by offering mocktail options. When hosting larger parties, preparing football-themed food in large batches, such as nachos, chili, pizza, sliders, wings, and dips, can simplify the serving process. Providing a variety of drinks, including batch co*cktails and non-alcoholic options, is also crucial for larger gatherings.

Interactive Activities

Incorporating games and activities can make the Super Bowl party more interactive and engaging for guests. For midsized gatherings, setting up a "casino" where guests can participate in games and bets can align with the Vegas theme. Additionally, providing activities that are not solely focused on the football game, such as predictions cards and commercial bingo, can cater to a diverse group of attendees.

Large-Scale Super Bowl Party

Hosting a Super Bowl party with more than 50 guests requires careful planning to ensure a comfortable viewing experience for everyone. Creating multiple viewing areas, incorporating team colors and logos in the decorations, and setting up seating areas away from the TV for socializing are important considerations. Implementing a concessions theme for food, including nachos, wings, pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, hamburgers, and chili, can simplify the serving process for a large number of guests. Providing additional activities such as a DIY photo booth and setting up a "game face" station can enhance the overall party experience .

In summary, planning a memorable Super Bowl party involves thoughtful consideration of the theme, logistics, food and drink preparation, and interactive activities to ensure an enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Tips for hosting the perfect Super Bowl party, depending on your guest count - Peerspace (2024)


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